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About Nick's


Route 1, In the heart of Dewey Beach right across from the Bottle & Cork

1800 Coastal Highway
Dagsworthy Street Oceanside
Dewey Beach, DE 19971
     The story of Nick's Philadelphia Cheesesteaks came from a very unlikely beginning, from an arcade named The Sand Dollar Arcade. The year was 1986 and the owner Nick Halkopoulos with his wife Kathy had purchased the first half of the store and setup two rows of arcade cabinets. The summer was long and the arcade a complete failure. So Nick decided to rely on his skill of making cheesesteaks and subs and thus Nick's Philadelphia Cheesesteaks was born.
     But first there was a little roadblock. The year now is 1987 and not having enough cash to get equipment and setup the store, Nick and Kathy worked hard to save up the money so that the following year the store could be opened. 
     So in 1988 the shop opened with little fanfare. The customers that did come that year enjoyed the fresh rolls from Philly and the exceptional rib-eye steak that made up the cheessesteaks. The subs were a big hit too and everyone was able to find an item that they enjoyed. Everything continued the same for the next two season until the summer of 1991 when the second half of the store was joined with the first half to make the store we know today as Nicks. 
     So come to Nick's Philadelphia Cheesesteaks were Nick and Kathy, with help from their son Moses, make the same cheesesteaks with the same ingredients for the last 23 years. See you there!
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